Useful Yarn Information

Using your skein

Your yarn will arrive in a skein, with three ties. 

It will need to be wound into a ball to work from.

Place the skein on a swift or round the backs of two chairs.It will need to remain taut.

Two of the ties are a single strand. The third will be made of two strands.

Cut the single ties first and grab one of the two ends freed when you cut the final ties.

You can now wind it into a ball.

I recommend you buy enough yarn for your project at the same time. 

Sweater quantities will always be from the same small batch.

Whilst I do my best to ensure that each skein is alike, I would suggest alternating skeins in a project. 

Caring for your yarn

I recommend hand washing in lukewarm water and laying flat to dry.

I use professional acid dyes to produce light and colourfast yarn, which is rinsed until the water runs clear at the end of the dye process. 

Some dye bleeding is perfectly normal, especially during the first wash and with the more saturated colourways. 


It is important to me that where I am able to, my business uses local, ethical, family run businesses.

I buy my yarn from an experienced family run company, who have strong links with farmers and mills which they visit. They sponsor Perunvian Highland children to attend school alongside supporting  handspun and mini skein winding businesses for women in the mountain villages.


Superwash is a resin applied to wool to help prevent shrinkage.

I only use yarn from highly regulated treatment plants.

This treatment will biodegrade with the yarn in landfill.

Mulesing free

All of my yarn is mulesing free.

The merino is from South America, not Australia.


We have a cat friendly home. 

Neither of our feline friends have been near your yarn

I do not use any wool wash or detergent in the dye or rinsing process.

There are no fragranced or food items included in your yarn parcel

Pixie yarn stockists

My local yarn shop Alterknit Universe stock a large and varied selection of my hand dyed yarn. Kim and her team are friendly, helpful and everyone is guaranteed a warm welcome. I love my visits there, it is a real home from home.

You will be able to squish my yarn in person at Purl A Row. Lucy has recently moved and is setting up a new shop.


Everyone is welcome here, whatever  your race, gender, size, age, ability.

Pixie Yarn spaces are inclusive. I respect and celebrate our differences.

I do not tolerate discrimination or rascism.

I am listening and learning every day.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing our love of creating.

Collaborations, wholesale and custom orders

I enjoy working with designers, yarn shops and customers to create bespoke colourways.

Please feel free to contact me for anything you’d like that is not currently in stock and I’ll do my best to help.

Wholesale orders are welcome.

Pixie pot ooak

Every once in a while, i like to experiment and splash some colour around.

Some of my most popular colourways have been happy accidents.

Skeins from these dye sessions tend to be non repeatable, one of a kind, so if you fall in love with one of them, snap them up!

Updates & News 

Shop updates

New stock is added to my shop weekly on a Thursday or Friday and are always announced on Instagram

If you’d like to stay updated on exactly when these will be I suggest you join the pixies here


You can sign up to join the Pixies here

There will be fortnighly/monthly updates on the shenanigans here, including shop update news, new colour way releases and discount codes